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What are Denture Implants

all-in-4-implantsWhat are denture implants or Implant Retained Dentures? They are a type of denture that is supported by and attached to implants which are very different from normal dentures which rest on your gums.

What are denture implants and who are they for?

So what are denture implants and would they be suitable for you? If like most denture wearers you are finding your dentures move while eating or speaking or are causing you discomfort then denture implants could be the answer to all your problems.  People who find it hard to eat certain foods particularly people with bottom dentures as they just have to sit on the floor denture implants are life changing and have many advantages. What are Dental Implants? It is a “root” type device that’s job is to replace or mimic the function of a natural tooth’s root. By acting as a root the dental implant supports and secures your dentures in your mouth, dental implants can be placed in both the upper and lower jaw.

What are denture implants and are they right for me?

What are denture implants main advantages, well, no more adhesive, no more not being able to eat the foods you love as the stabilisation a denture implant procedure gives could be the answer to your denture problem. If you have an upper denture is likely to require a minimum of four dental implants, whereas a lower denture may only need two dental implants. It is a very gentle procedure normally carried out under a local anaesthetic. Most of our patients report little or no discomfort. If you are a denture wearer and want improved confidence with an aesthetically pleasing procedure that has the look and feel, almost like natural teeth or to basically find out more information, type your town / city into the search area, your local practice details will appear.


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