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Full Denture Implants

dental-implant-clinicWhen it comes to full denture implants be prepared for quite a lengthy procedure, it is not something that can be carried out overnight so be very wary of anyone who tells you different!


Full Denture Implants – surgery

The first surgery normally involves placing the implants in the jawbone. During the first surgery, an incision is made in the gum where the implant will be placed. A hole is put into the bone, the implant is placed into the hole, and the incision is closed. A temporary denture can be made to take away pressure to other areas and not on the implants and will help reduce the pressure on the gums. After the first surgery and because both gums have had implants, a few months will pass to allow the bone and implants to integrate(attach and fuse). After an x-ray and once we are satisfied the implants are fully fused the second surgery can be scheduled. The second surgery is much simpler a healing caps placed on the head of each implant after it is expose. About two weeks after this surgery, the healing caps will be replaced with regular abutments. Your gums should now be healed enough to allow us to make an impression of your gum tissue and abutments. A model is produced to make the denture framework and teeth. We will then set a date for you to return and have the completed denture inserted. When the denture is inserted, the denture is clipped onto the bar or snapped onto the ball attachments both upper and lower jaws if a full denture implants procedure is being carried out.

Full Denture Implants – getting started

Quite often full denture implants are not needed. However we have carried out many full denture implants and are here to assist. Simply make contact for a FREE consultation, type your town / city into the search function of the website.  The practice that is closest to you will appear and you can call to discuss.


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We have Dental Practices all over the UK offering both private and NHS patients Dental procedures. Dental implants and cosmetic dental procedures are also undertaken we can offer these services, which our training as a dental professional does qualify us to provide, because we have undertaken extra training to achieve competence in these areas. Our expert dental team have the necessary qualifications and experience giving us a great dental implants success rate.

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