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Dental implants procedure

dental-implantsLike any dental treatment the dental implants procedure starts with a consultation. It may be that you will only need a few teeth replaced, this can only be determined once we see what the current state of your teeth are in.

Dental Implants procedure – what’s first?

Contrary to belief it is not always necessary to have a dental implant procedure for every tooth. If you do have a number of teeth missing and these are all next to each other it is still possible to have only one implant to support more than one tooth. If you have a single tooth missing you will need an implant to support that missing tooth. Like any of our procedures a dental implants procedure is no different our patients always know exactly what treatment we will propose, what experience and qualifications that dentist has in this work, the total cost of the treatment, after-care and guarantees and if any other alternative procedures are available.

Dental Implants procedure – after-care

Once treatment is finished our dental team will give you instructions on how to best look after your implant. This is a very important part of the dental implants procedure. From initial pain killers after surgery to what to expect in the months after the dental implants procedure. This after care can take a few months as the jaw needs to grow into the implants. This after-care procedure is very important to have a long lasting successful implant, our dental team will give you detailed advice on how to look after your implants from self cleaning or using our hygienist more often to clean the areas which may be more difficult to reach, implants like real teeth can still create gum disease if not properly maintained after a dental implants procedure. For advice on our dental implants procedure simply call us today on 0141 280 3928 to book a FREE consultation.


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We have Dental Practices all over the UK offering both private and NHS patients Dental procedures. Dental implants and cosmetic dental procedures are also undertaken we can offer these services, which our training as a dental professional does qualify us to provide, because we have undertaken extra training to achieve competence in these areas. Our expert dental team have the necessary qualifications and experience giving us a great dental implants success rate.

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